Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing

During World War II, The United States produced 295,000 aircraft.  Combat aircraft made up over 200,000 while support aircraft amounted to just under 100,000.

Seventy years later The Missouri Wing of the Commemorative Air Force maintains and flies to this day 3 of those rare aircraft just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. Our goal and mission is "Educate Through Living History" by allowing future generations to see, partifipate with, and re-live the lessons learned from the defining moments of American military aviation history.

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Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing Membership

If you love history, vintage aircraft, perpetuating the memory of the Greatest Generation and enjoying great camaraderie, you’re ready for membership! Plus, you don’t have to be a pilot or mechanic, nor do you have to be from a military background or an expert at anything.

Learn about membership and join the organization today!

Fly On Our Commemorative Air Force Missouri Wing Aircraft

That's right! Not only can you participate via membership, donate, or see our aircraft museum, but you can also fly with us. Check our flight schedule to see where we are going to be and book your tickets today!

St. Charles County Smartt Airport

We are proud to support Smartt Field where all three of our air crafts are maintained and stored. Additionally its historic WWII hanger serves as home to a few of those early aircraft that pilots who were trained here later flew when they were graduated to basic and advanced training.